Sunday, June 30, 2013

4 Background Blocks

I did bit at a time to finish 4 blocks. I worked out the time for one background block is 15 mins of sewing. 15 mins to make the 9 patch ( I have finished them all) and 15 mins to add the other pieces.

I cut out all the pieces for the backgrounds all at once. I cut wof strips the right width for the pieces I needed then cut a full set of background pieces out of the one fabric. I had 16 different fabrics lined up.
I then mixed and matched until I thought it would look alright. I now have a pile of sorted background block pieces ready to sew together one block at a time. I have to do them a block at a time or all my sorting would get mixed up.

A new quilt

I loved this quilt from Lynette Anderson's book Country Cottage Quilting and had to start it. I bought a whole new range of fabric in colours that I don't usually use. A bit darker but still nice. I was going to buy a fat quarter bundle of Audra's Iris Garden but the one I was looking at got sold. I searched around for more and found a half yard bundle at Craft Town at a really good price.

I used up some on my Nanna's Farm quilt and then cut out all that I needed for the background blocks of Go Wild Garden. The mix of plains and florals and darks and lights was just right. I used all the florals in the 9 patches. I divided them roughly into lights and darks then matched up 5 lights and 4 darks to make each 9 patch.

I am using the lighter and plain fabrics to make the background blocks with the florals in the 9 patches. The florals will be used for the applique. I have quite a lot left over for other small projects too.