Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Making some progress each day now.

I have been putting my Go Wild garden quilt on my to do list each day and it is incredible how easy it is to do a bit each day. I have fused on the flower, the bird and the watering can top and heart for 7 more blocks.

This is what it looks like finished. So still a bit to go.

Today, however I wanted to cut out some different elements and be blowed if I could find the book anywhere. I know it is somewhere in my sewing room but the boxes are so stacked up in the cupboard that I don't have much hope of finding it anytime soon.

What did I do? I decided that maybe I would just buy another book or at least look for the templates on Pinterest or Google.


I then happened upon the eBook version of Country Cottage Quilting for just $13.95 USD on Amazon Kindle store. I downloaded the sample to make sure the templates were accessible and there it was.... a link to the site where the templates could be found.

I clicked right over there and found a whole bunch of books that have free templates to download. Perfect for me since I don't need the instructions anymore but I think I will explore some of the other books to get ideas.

I just love the internet. Now I don't have to buy the book again or even try to find it. Yay!

Happy Quilting,

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Getting back to my Go Wild Garden Quilt

This quilt sure is slow going!

Hopefully not for long. I really want to get lots done this year.

I have cut out half the remaining applique elements.

I have started putting them onto the blocks. I hope to get the birds and their wings ironed on soon.

I will be appliquing each block then echo quilting each block separately. I will then stitch all the blocks together then add the backing. My version of quilt as you go. Once the backing is on I will stitch in the ditch between the blocks to hold the backing in place.

Happy Quilting,